This Is It!…

So, here we are. Tomorrow at 8am, we embark on this crazy adventure; the ‘fun run’ that has consumed my life and thoughts for the last few months (You’re possibly fed up with my inane ramblings about it by now too…but, hey, you’re reading this far, which I’m grateful for)

I’m currently strangely calm and collected about the whole thing, which is most unusual for me this close to an event. I think it’s a combination of the great company I’ll be running with, and the fact I know I’ve put more effort into mentally and physically preparing for this than I have ever done.

That said, I havent actually been running for the last 5 days! This is intentional, however. I have done an increased amount of walking/hiking though, having covered somewhere  in the region of 45 miles in this time – I’m certain there’ll be a good element of run/walk involved over the latter stages of the weekend, so thought it would be a good idea to keep my legs ready! 

The weather is, thankfully, cooling down too, compared to the heatwave we’ve been having here the past few days. 

164 miles, and 25,000ft climb……Let’s be having you!



A reminder of the tracker we’ll have, if you’d like to follow our progress



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