Lists, Stats & Planning

With just 2 weeks to go, my thoughts have been turning to the planning side of things. 

I love looking at stats when it comes to running, so enjoy this part of planning. I find that working out speed/distance/timings on a spreadsheet helps me to appreciate the enormity of the task in hand (I mean this in a positive sense) I also like to carry a small printout of this with me, ‘ticking off’ mentally the distance as I go along. Also helps to keep me on pace. I’ve meticulously looked at the times we need to reach each checkpoint in order for us to finish in a reasonable timescale. Hopefully this will help me (and the others, if they’re as sad as I am, which I very much doubt!!) on the day

I’ve been making an exhaustive list of kit I need to pack too. We have the great fortune of not having to actually carry much during the run, and will have regular contact with our support crews throughout, so can afford to be quite luxurious with our kit when compared to other events. Having clean, dry clothes to change in to will be so good, especially after the first 20 hours or so.

Even before we start, I can’t be grateful enough for the assistance our support crew will give. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to even attempt this. 

Final list has been the food I want to take. I’m still undecided on exact requirements, and have added in then taken out various items, several times now. The crew will have facilities to heat food and drink for us, which will be great, especially during the night sections. Getting a balance of the right food has always been a tricky one for me, and making sure I take on enough calories is going to be key to completion on this occasion. (Sorry crew; this means I’m  likely to have a huge box full of food for you to transport around!!)


My gradual taper continues, and I’ve had an easier week since my last update, with only 20 miles covered. Has felt a little odd after a few weeks of higher mileage, but I’ve been determined to stick to my plan. I’m intending a 15mile trek out over this weekend, and have a small trail race early next week (Malvern Joggers 10k) – the 6th year in succession I’ve entered, as it’s a great route across the base of the Malvern Hills, and organised by a friendly local club.

Nerves haven’t fully kicked-in yet either…that’s probably tempted fate now though………, 


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