Hills, Racing & Pain!

Started this week with a 5am run on Tuesday. I’ve never been great at getting up early and going for a run before leaving for work, and this was no exception.. only did 5 miles, and it felt like the worst run in weeks! (Although I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as it felt)

To stop feeling sorry for myself, I went back on the Malvern Hills the next day, and it was glorious.

I may have pushed myself a little though, as I woke up the following morning with what felt like shin splints (which I haven’t had for years) in my left leg…. as I had a race booked for Sunday, I decided to rest the next couple of days

Sunday: Race Day – Dymock half marathon.

Stuck with my plan, and ran the 4.5 miles to the startline. Nice and steady. The pain in my leg felt better.

The course was described as ‘undulating’, which is a perfect description! I’m not the biggest fan of Road running, but the amount of hills involved made it far more interesting. Kept to a nice steady 8 1/2 minute mile pace throughout, and finished in 1hr 50. Nowhere near a PB time, but well within my intended sub-2-hour plan, so quite pleased

Ran home again afterwards, adding to the weeks total of 32 miles in all.

Off to visit JP tonight, for an early start tomorrow (Monday)  in Charmouth, Dorset, where we intend to do a recce run of 50 miles of the Two’r course (and hopefully meet up with Jon on course too)


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