Counting down! 5 weeks to go.

Five weeks to go until the big day. Feeling stronger than I have for some time, and enjoying training.

My biggest concern over the last week has been the lack of ascent contained in my training runs – I moved house 12 months ago, after living on the Malvern Hills for the best part of 17 years, so had been used to lots of vertical on my runs. Where I live now is relatively flat by comparison. I had a couple of days booked off work, so thought I’d ustilise them to get a few miles and some ascent in.

Thursday: The other likeminded idiots, I mean friends, that I’ll be running the Jurassic coast with are advocates of the benefits of doing a ‘double-run’ day , and I recently read an old RUNNERS WORLD ARTICLE underlining this too – Hey, I thought, I can do that!…

Started the morning with a great 6ish mile run over the Malvern Hills. Included an ascent of Black Hill and Pinnacle Hill, with around 1400ft ascent overall.  Was good to be back on the hills.  Then in the afternoon, I took a flatter road/trail mixed route and acheived 10.5 miles. Took both runs at a nice steady pace (I’ve never been a particularly fast runner anyway, hence me leaning more toward the endurance side of running rather than fast paced, shorter distances) – Felt great to be out enjoying the views, and the freedom: one of the reasons I started running in the first place

Friday: My legs felt less tired than I’d anticipated, so I decided to head out on another long-ish run. This time starting on the relative flat, winding my way toward Eastnor Castle and the Deer Park, which then climbs up sharply to the Obelisk which is west of the Malvern Hills, and onwards toward the Herefordshire Beacon, before dropping back down the hill toward Upper Welland. Managed a cumulative 1500ft climb over 12 miles, which I was very pleased with, especially after having gone almost 18 miles the day before

Combined with a couple of other shorter runs , my total for the week was just over 40miles, and around 4500ft ascent.  – almost the same ratio of ‘ascent per mile’ that we can expect on The Twor


This week:

Again, fairly last minute (I seem to be forming a pattern here!), I’ve entered a race this coming Sunday (27th May) – Dymock Half Marathon – the start line is around 4.5 miles from my house, so in true Forrest Gump style, I’m intending to run to the start, participate in the race, then run back home afterwards!


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