Excitement Vs Fear

With under Six weeks to go until the main event, I’ve started to think about the enormity of the task in hand. Up until now, I’ve been dragged along by the excitement of the whole thing… The last time I was looking forward to a run as much as this was before my second go at the ONER back in 2015 (I hasten to add that I’m still not as excited as JP is though – he’s like a kid waiting for Christmas to come!!)

We’re around 40 days away, and I’ve had a bit of a ‘mental blip’…. I often do this in my head a week or so before any event, and I’m sure that anyone who competes in any sporting activity must go through exactly the same thing, but this has caught me off guard a bit, as it’s happened earlier than usual.

I’m thinking about the jurassic coast 24/7; worrying about not getting enough training in; stressing over nutrition and sleep deprivation during the run, and then the tiny bit of brain-space I have left has been filled with fear of not finishing/getting injured/not being fit enough etc, etc, etc….

At times like these, I often wonder why we sign-up to things in the first place…. BUT….. all that said, I’m still stupidly excited, and think it’s going to be the best thing I’ve ever done!


I know that to most people (myself included!) that makes no sense at all… how can you be dreading something to the point of it making you lose sleep, but at the same time be looking forward to it more than anything in recent memory, to the point of it making you feel zen-like with your running? – I’m feeling fitter than I have in a long time, and have definitely re-gained my enthusiasm for running, which had been dwindling over the winter months.

One thing I do know though – even if for some reason I don’t finish – it’s going to be an EPIC memory


I intentionally had a quieter week this past week, only running 25 miles (3 runs in total –  6miles, 12 miles & 7 miles respectively), after doing a great 75 miles the week before.

My target for this week is to get at least 35 miles in, inlcuding one hill run with plenty of elevation


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